Dusted Colors

Here is a peek behind the scenes—how a mood-board is translated into a styled set. My process begins organically. In this case, I begin with watercolor. Without too much thought, I swatch colors—some bolder and definite, others diluted and fading. From there, some colors appeal to me more. I attempt to define them through Pantone swatches. This starts to build structure in the mood-board, apace with adding texture through patterns and tangible objects.

Once the mood-board communicates its idea, prop sourcing happens. Though I enjoy the entire process, this step is one of my favorites! It’s when the concept slowly materializes, when something abstract renders itself tangible. With a mood-board image at hand, I find objects, textures, and illustrations that suggest the same thought.

Lastly, I put them together sensibly, adjust and edit…et voilà—from a concept to a styled shot.

Photography:  Xenia Udalova                                                                                  Styling:  Ria Suarez

Photography: Xenia Udalova                                                                               

Styling: Ria Suarez

DesignNaomi den Besten